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My first travel experience was in 2000 when a small group of us went on an educational school trip cruise around the Mediterranean, taking in Turkey, Israel, Greece and Cyprus. It was an eye-opening and thrilling experience; with the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem on Easter Sunday, the chaotic markets of Kusadasi where we bought silk scarves, and the quaint fishing village café in Crete with the blue and white checked tablecloths where we sipped freshly squeezed orange juice.

Since then I have travelled to countless other countries and had many incredible experiences, both in my personal and professional travel life. My passion has developed over the years after trekking to the summit of Africa’s highest peak in 2008. I had never really trekked before, let alone at altitude and little did I know that this experience would mark the start of a life-changing adventure into mountaineering.

I hope you enjoy sharing in my adventures and remember, don’t follow your dreams – make them a reality.

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  1. It’s good to hear that you started to travel at an early age. It’s a good experience and really opens your mind. Glad to hear that you’ve been to Turkey. I was born and raised there until the age of 18. Then I was accepted to the University of Colorado in America. And after I graduated lived in Seattle, San Francisco, Sydney, Boston and now I’m in Manhattan, New York. But I also began traveling at the age of 14 and been very independent ever since. I’ve been to 81 countries so far and still traveling every other year. Usually backpacking or bicycling, of course depends on the location. And so far I have also been to 7 different biggest mountains of the world. Love adventuring and I’m addicted to traveling. Hopefully I’ll get my blog soon. You really inspired me about blogging.

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