Into the valley | Steak asado

20th January 2016

We loaded up the gear and drove to the trailhead. 7 people in one 6-seater meant a tight squish. We pulled over to the side of the road, put on our hiking packs and started walking. The expedition had begun.

Unlike the majority of commercial groups we were not taking the ‘normal’ route to the summit. We were taking the Guanacos Variation of the False Polish. This route takes you first through the Vacas and Relinchos Valleys, up to a False Polish camp, around to the Guanacos high camps and up the False Polish route to the summit. On the way down you traverse the mountain and descend on the normal route via Plaza de Mulas, and out of the Horcones Valley in a single-day push. For full details visit:

It was late morning by the time we set off, and wow, it was hot. After 20 minutes I checked the temperature on my watch and it was reading 37C. The landscape was beautiful. The trail was totally flat, there was a trickling stream on our right, desert plants and flowers all around and rugged, rocky and dry cliffs towering above. It reminded me a lot of the Atlas mountains.

After about 90 minutes we stopped at a stream to enjoy a break for some fresh watermelon and cool ourselves down. I was so glad for the Cobber body cooling neck wrap I had brought with me. Unlike the other group members living in San Diego, Kansas, Oregon and Mendoza, I was not quite as well equipped for the climate being from England.

After another 90 minutes we stopped for another snack break, sandwiches and fresh oranges, in a shaded spot under an overhanging rock. After hearing stories of people saying how ugly and boring Aconcagua is, I was blown away by the beauty of the landscape.

We arrived into camp dusty, sweaty and smelly so were amazed to find a flushing toilet, running water and camp to ourselves. We pitched our tents, one each, and relaxed, rehydrated and washed at camp, taking it all in.

It wasn’t long before I became very grateful for the flushing toilet as I discovered I had the first case of diarrhoea. I quickly dosed myself up with Imodium, downed another litre of water and felt much better. 5 months earlier I’d learnt an important lesson on Mt Elbrus about stomach complaints; ‘letting it take its course’ is a recipe for dehydration and weakness. I wasn’t going to make that mistake again!

I felt positive, at peace, and unbelievably happy to be there. Nothing would stop me from giving this mountain my all. To top off my enthusiasm and round off a great first day, the dinner call went out and we were greeted with a real treat.



Cheers! Malbec in a Nalgene

It was steak asado (BBQ) and salad with wine for dinner. I could not believe the quality of the food. We heartily tucked in and no food went to waste.  We went to bed feeling full, happy and excited about the day to come.


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