My Review of The Reel Rock UK Tour 2013

I was fortunate enough to win two tickets to the Reel Rock UK Tour 2013 thanks to Peak Mountaineering. Here is what I wrote for Paul from Peak Mountaineering about my thoughts on how the evening went…

Reel Rock 8 was my first experience of the adventure film tour, so I had no preconceptions of what the evening would be like. In a nutshell, it was awesome! Each film was introduced by the Reel Rock team who welcomed the audience as if we were one big family. An intermission with prize giveaways and freebies was a nice touch and gave the event’s sponsors a chance to shine, without it being too ‘in-your-face’ or the evening feeling sponsored. 
Each of the four films shown carefully represented a different element to the world of adventure in the mountains from the hedonistic Stonemasters teaser which left me wanting to grab a tent and get out there and explore, to the relaxed yet passionate and determinated Hazel Findlay in Spice Girl whose film should probably be renamed Spider Girl, for her effortless ability to cling to the rock.
The Sensei had me gripped from the beginning; following the story of Yuji Hirayama and Daniel Woods as they team up to work on Yuji’s incomplete project on Mt Kinabalu. The film was beautifully captured, showing the contrast between Yuji’s and Daniel’s experience but their shared passion for climbing and dedication to supporting each other in achieving their goals. 
One of the big stories of 2013 in the mountaineering world was Ueli Steck and Simone Moro’s early departure from Everest after a fight broke out between them and Sherpas. The Reel Rock team were there and the exclusive footage revealed in High Tension offers an unbiased insight into what really happened that day and the reaction from the climbing community. 
After an excellent introduction to the Reel Rock world, I will certainly be returning next year to get another dose of adrenaline, enthusiasm and fun that is so neatly portrayed in the films. Reel Rock showcases the adventures of some of the climbing world’s most promising, legendary and talented sportspeople out there but keeps each film down-to-earth, showing that these epic explorers are just like you and I, and we all need to keep challenging the boundaries and living the mountain dream.
Thanks again for the tickets; I loved every minute!

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