I recently became aware of ProBalm. Described on their website as “a new 100% natural product, made in the UK, designed for active people who are hard on their skin and so need rapid and effective skin repair“, I was intrigued. I asked the team some questions on Twitter (friendly bunch – always replying to my tweets) and took the plunge.

You can buy the product on their website using PayPal (effortless shopping) and £5 and free P&P for 3 mini versions of the main product I thought it was worth a try. It arrived 48 hours after I ordered it and the first thing I noticed was the fragrance. It was somewhere between church incense and spice markets in India. It’s one of those smells you’re not really sure if you like but can’t stop smelling! You can detect the faint smell of beeswax so you really feel as if you are using a totally natural product.

My instant thought when looking at the packaging was that it was a shame it didn’t come in a little container for easier storage as the full-size ‘puck’ does, however as I would consider these 11g minis to be testers the little plastic zip-lock bags they come in are just fine.

After a long weight lifting session at the gym yesterday my hands were sore and red in the area I tend to get callouses (at the base of my fingers). I applied ProBalm to these problem areas on each hand and noticed that it soaked into my skin quite quickly and instantly felt quite moisturising. I reapplied before going to bed.
The texture of ProBalm is quite oily when you rub it into your skin, but once application is complete I found that rubbing and residue onto my hands or wrists takes away any oiliness from my fingers and you are just left with the subtle fragrance of the oils (a list of which is below).

When I woke up this morning I was genuinely surprised to find such a remarkable result. My hands felt and looked normal – certainly not what I’m used to after such a heavy workout (which would usually include flaking skin and minor blistering). But the thing that really convinced me that ProBalm worked was that where I hadn’t applied it I have a sore, hard callous whereas my usual problem areas (middle and ring fingers) where I used the balm feel 90% normal, with just minor hardening.

After just the first trial, I am very impressed and will continue to use it and update on the progress. I am curious to find out how it copes in hot weather (it will be coming with my to China in May, and Tanzania in June) and whether the oils will leave any staining on my skin. The next test will be my much-neglected feet… watch this space!

ProBalm contains:
Bees Wax {Cera alba}
Jojoba Oil {Simmondsia chinensis seed oil}
Grapeseed Oil {Vitis vinifera seed oil}
Comfrey Infused Almond Oil {Prunus amygdalus oil, Symphytum officinale leaf extract}
Petitgrain EO {Citrus aurantium amara leaf/twig oil}
Patchouli EO {Pogostemon cablin leaf/stem oil}
Tangerine EO {Citrus reticulata peel oil}
Black Pepper EO {Piper nigrum fruit oil}
Cypress EO {Cupressus sempervirens leaf oil}
Vitamin E {Mixed Tocopherols}
Benzoin EO {Piper nigrum fruit oil}

If you suffer from any dermatological problems, consult your GP or specialist to ensure this is okay for you to use.

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