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You know when you have that dream where you’re running down the street and all of a sudden you realise you’re naked and everyone is staring at you? Now I sort of know what that feels like. I’ve been going to the gym for around 6 years, and I started running in November 2011. During that time I have used various items of clothing for my workouts, most of which I haven’t had any inclination to write about… until now.

The first time I wore my Striders Edge Peak Elements tights and Engineered Climate Map Vest to go running I stepped out of the house and I was sure I had forgotten something. The fabric was so soft and fitted so well against my body that I didn’t feel like I had any clothes on at all! In honesty is a weird feeling to begin with, but then it occurred to me that this is exactly what sports apparel should feel like. You shouldn’t feel a waistband rubbing against your skin, or have to worry about those annoying itchy labels while you’re halfway through a run.

Photo taken from Striders Edge website:

There is so much I love about Striders Edge clothing that I will write bullet points to avoid this becoming an essay:
– Exceptionally comfortable to wear (as described above!)
-Perfect number of pockets. With the Peak Elements tights and CM vest combo I have 3 really good sized pockets for keys, phone and my mini  mp3 player. Plus, I should add that despite the pockets on the tights being at the front you can’t feel anything in them while you’re running. I don’t know how they’ve managed it but it’s amazing!
– The colours of their products are lush. I am SO tired of female sportswear brands thinking it’s all about the pastel pinks and blues, lilac, white and maybe a black if you’re lucky. Striders Edge seem to actually understand that some women have a sense of style and even when they look like a sweaty mess they can also wear colours they like.
– The fabric their products use is very flattering and easy to wear, and being antibacterial and wicking I can wear them for a couple of workouts without any risk of them getting smelly (less laundry = happy me, happy earth!). The real test for the CM vest will be 7 days constant use on Kili in May as a base layer!
– The length of the vests are longer than most other brands. As someone who has a long torso but little legs having tops riding up while I’m running is a sure-fire way to distract me. The vest comes right down over my hips which is not only flattering but also prevents the top riding up.

Photo taken from Striders Edge website

For me, there are only a few downsides to Striders Edge, and the main one is the price. I was lucky enough to be totally spoiled at Christmas which is why I ended up with two vests and the tights – prior to that I had been desperately wanting them but couldn’t quite justify them financially. However, now I know they are worth every one of my husband’s pennies I will feel more inclined to treat myself in future. The Engineered Climate Map 1/2 Zip Base Layer in Ruby Wine is next on my list!
The other one is where the garments are made. I don’t know why (perhaps the price) but I had assumed that Striders Edge products were made in the UK. The Peak Elements tights are made ‘with love in China’ and the CM vest is made in Portugal. I was a bit sad when I learnt this but I suppose I can understand it. I just hope that the garments are made in the happy factories we all hope our clothing is produced in. I’m sure they are.

Anyway, I want to finish on a positive note because I do believe that Striders Edge are an excellent brand, made with young (and young at heart), dedicated, enthusiastic sports women firmly in mind. Getting into my sportswear is no longer a chore, and if people stare at me while I’m running or in the gym I know I’ll be looking my best (while puffing and panting, with a bright red face dripping with sweat).

Why not check them out for yourself

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